Dental Veneers Fishers INWhen it comes to the world of dentistry, there are two materials which are often used in a veneer in order to improve the appearance of teeth — porcelain and composite resin. There two materials were chosen basically because of the fact that they resemble natural teeth. However, depending on your financial situation as well as what you value more, you may find that either a porcelain or composite resin veneer will suit you well.

You want your veneer to look very natural.

One mark that your dentist was able to accomplish what he or she sought to do is if the treated tooth cannot be distinguished from the natural teeth. Compared to composite resin veneers, porcelain veneers resemble natural teeth more because the its translucency which mirrors the dental enamel layer of teeth. Whenever you smile, the reason for why it seems like your teeth is bright is because of the fact that light enters the enamel layer and then bounces against the dentin. Because composite resin is a dense, solid material, then this mechanism does not happen. However, porcelain is translucent and can take in light in the same way that natural teeth would.

You want your veneer to be completed right away.

If you have somewhere important to go to and your smile has to be perfect, then you ought to get composite resin veneers instead. Composite resin veneers are completed with the help of the material being placed directly on the tooth and then molded so that imperfections can be concealed. On the other hand, porcelain dental veneers must be fabricated before they are to be installed and require at least two visits to the dentist before they cab finally be attached. Between the two, it’s evident that composite resin veneers are more convenient.

You want your veneer to be durable.

Before you start expecting that your veneer will last you an entire lifetime, beware that even the more durable of the two, porcelain veneers, have a shelf-life of just 10 years. However, porcelain is more durable compared to composite resin material. Once the porcelain has been bonded to the tooth, the material becomes extremely resilient even when porcelain is naturally brittle. While technology has allowed for composite resin material to become more durable in recent years, porcelain still trumps the latter. But because you get what you pay for, then expect to also pay an exorbitant amount for porcelain veneers.

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