Dental Veneers Fishers INPorcelain veneers would make any stained or chipped tooth look brand new. Moreover, the process of improving your smile happens in a very convenient manner. The process does not hurt and the veneer can be applied in just two visits to the dentist. Nonetheless, porcelain veneers are expensive. So in order to protect your investment, here are a couple of things that you need to do:

Always keep an eye on your gums.

Gum health is important whether or not you have veneers. In fact, the leading cause of teeth loss is the collection of gum diseases. However, while teeth loss is the worst complication that gum disease can bring, the problem with gingivitis when you have a porcelain veneer is the gum recession that develops as a consequence of the disease. When the gumline recedes, the apex of the veneer which is snugly placed just underneath the tip of the gumline would then become exposed. When this happens, it becomes very obvious that you do have porcelain veneers.

Have your bruxism treated.

Bruxism is a dental condition which happens when you cannot control the grinding or even the gnashing of your teeth. However, porcelain veneers basically have the same physical property as your natural teeth. In fact, when you grind your teeth, this leads to the shortening of your teeth because of how the friction damages the biting surfaces of your teeth. So if you haven’t been treated for bruxism yet, then your veneer would still end up damaged as well as the rest of your untreated teeth. Your dentist can fit you with a special mouthguard which you can wear throughout the night in order to protect your teeth from the friction.

On a sidenote, you should also avoid chewing on ice or opening bottles with your teeth in order to prevent chipping or cracking your veneer.

Stay away from a diet that stains.

You might think that you do not have to really keep an eye on food and drinks that stain when you have porcelain veneers, but while the veneer itself won’t stain, what will is the composite resin material which outlines the veneer. The composite resin material will take in stain and then the veneer will have some sort of an outline which would then make the veneer very evident. Swishing water after every sip could help prevent the composite resin material from being too evident.

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