Dental Implants Fishers INIf you’re thinking of a way to replace missing teeth, dental implants are a great solution. This dental treatment does more than just replacing a lost tooth, because it addresses many of your needs. You don’t just get any tooth replacement, but a new tooth that feels like your own. A dental implant is the only tooth replacement option that mimics not just the look and feel of a natural tooth, but also the way the tooth roots are positioned within the jawbone. With its distinctive benefits, dental implants rank as the top choice of patients for the replacement of missing teeth.

Dental Implants Feel Like Having New Teeth Again

It’s not surprising to find patients who find dental implants to be amazing. This is because a dental implant feels very much like having a new tooth. Dental implants consist of two parts: the titanium screw and the abutment tooth. The screw is implanted into the patient’s jawbone surgically. The abutment tooth is then attached to the screw once it has osseointegrated or fused permanently into the jawbone. The entire process, plus the way implants osseointegrate, only means one thing – teeth that look and feel very natural. With dental implants completing smiles beautifully, patients around the world speak and smile confidently.

Why is Replacing Missing Teeth Necessary?

Replacing missing teeth is necessary because this maintains your oral health and smile. The space left by a missing tooth is not only unsightly, but it also contributes to gum disease and decay. Teeth have the tendency to shift position when a space left by a lost tooth remains unfilled. This makes you highly prone to gum disease and decay, as well as cosmetic flaws like oddly spaced or even structural problems such as misaligned teeth in your bite. If you’ve lost a tooth, visit your dentist right away. He will see if dental implants are the best treatment for you or if you will benefit from another type of tooth replacement procedure.

Can Anyone Have Dental Implants?

Since osseointegration is an integral part of dental implants, to qualify for this procedure, you must have sufficient bone mass and healthy gums. The dentist will, therefore, perform diagnostic tests to determine your eligibility for the procedure. Typically, patients who are healthy enough to undergo tooth extractions and oral surgery can be allowed to receive dental implants. However, heavy smokers, people suffering from diabetes, and patients who have recently undertaken radiation therapy may not be good candidates for dental implants.

Dental Implants Give You More Than Just New Teeth

The benefits of dental implants include aesthetics, comfort, and convenience, as well as an improved self confidence. Dental implants improve your speech, since missing teeth are now replaced. This, therefore, translates to self confidence when you talk and present yourself to others. You don’t just get new teeth with dental implants, you also maximize your true potential in various aspects of your life.

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