Dental Crown Fishers INTrust a smile to touch lives, create beautiful memories, and make an impression. It is because a simple smile has so much power to make people feel good about themselves and others. For a beautiful, natural-looking smile, use porcelain crowns. This type of dental crown combines strength and protection with aesthetics; thus, giving you quality, tooth colored crowns that can last for many years.

What Are Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain crowns are simply dental crowns made of porcelain. Being tooth colored is their greatest advantage, providing you with tooth restorations that look very natural. While stainless steel and metal crowns appear very obvious when you smile or speak, even when they’re placed on the molars, porcelain crowns are able to blend in beautifully with the rest of your teeth. They are your best choice because they give you aesthetics while they do their job of providing your teeth with protection and strength.

When are Porcelain Crowns Necessary?

Porcelain crowns are necessary when a tooth is decayed, worn out, misshapen, discolored, chipped, or cracked. Basically, dental crowns completely encase a tooth; hence, giving a tooth that much needed structure and resilience against further damage. Porcelain crowns are, therefore, necessary for providing a pillar of strength or protective cap for your teeth, as well as enhance their appearance. Porcelain crowns are available in different shades so you can choose the color that either matches or enhances the color of your teeth.

How Are Porcelain Crowns Maintained?

It is easy to maintain porcelain crowns. You simply need to maintain good oral hygiene and have regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups. Porcelain has the ability to resist stains. It is also a durable material that won’t easily break. In addition, porcelain crowns are much thicker than dental veneers; thus making them durable and easy to maintain. Porcelain crowns have been known to last for 10 years or more.

How are Porcelain Crowns Performed?

First, the dentist takes your dental impression. This will be used to measure and design your custom-made crowns. Your dental impression will be sent to a dental lab that will serve to fabricate your porcelain crowns. Fabrication takes from 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

Once your crowns are ready, the dentist can begin the crown bonding procedure. The dentist applies bonding cement to your tooth and then places the dental crown carefully. You will then have great looking and durable porcelain crowns.

Typically, porcelain crowns are performed in 3 office visits. The first appointment is dedicated to consultation and treatment planning. The second appointment is for taking your dental impression, and the third is for the actual crown bonding procedure. You get porcelain crowns placed permanently in as little as 3 dental visits.

Visit Your Trusted Provider of Porcelain Crowns in Fishers, IN

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