When you need dental work- whether it is a cavity filled, a tooth pulled, or some routine care and attention, you rely on your dentists to make it all happen for you. Many people trust their dental experts, but they only see them one or maybe two times a year, so they are not sure what exactly they are doing to ensure their dental wellbeing all year round. It is essential to get routine care if you hope to maintain optimal oral health. Your dental team is there for you when you need them and offer valuable services such as:


Dental Fillings are most commonly used to restore damaged teeth that have suffered tooth decay and rot. The tooth rot and pocket of decay is drilled out and cleaned and then the filling is placed into the hole. Most dentist offices offer both white and silver fillings- white composite fillings are the color of the tooth and silver fillings are the traditional fillings that have been used for years.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are another common dental procedure and are used to fill gaps caused by missing teeth and restore the look of a healthy set of teeth. The crown works to strengthen the surrounding teeth and prevent them from shifting and being exposed to decay. Crowns are also commonly used to help maintain or improve the original shape, size, look, and alignment of the tooth.

Dental Bridges

Bridges are frequently used by dentists as a cosmetic and functional application for restoring missing and damaged teeth. A bridge structure consists of one or more artificial teeth. Anchored into place by securing them to healthy teeth they are commonly used to fill in gaps left by several teeth missing in a row.

Depending on what your personal needs are and what type of work you need to be done, your dentist can be your best friend. After conducting an examination, they will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will help you to maintain healthy teeth and gums and give you a smile that you have always wanted. A good dentist is worth their weight in gold.

Moore-Berry dentistry has years of experience and is able to help you get the smile you want and deserve. See why we are the dental clinic people trust. Contact us today and discover the smile you have been looking for!

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