Get Dramatic Results with Professional Teeth Whitening in Fishers, IN

One of our most popular services at Moore-Berry Dentistry, Inc. is our in-office deep bleaching teeth whitening technique. Fishers, IN patients are always blown away with the dramatic results achieved with this deep bleaching technique. Many patients enjoying a new smile up to 12 shades whiter. We offer the safest and most thorough procedure available for brightening your smile.

Whiter Teeth In Two Weeks?

The procedure that we use involves the application of hydrogen peroxide gel. We use a special LED light that activates the whitening agents in the gel and shortens the whitening process to 45 minutes on the first visit.

Teeth Whitening

Our whitening system not only removes stains on the exterior of the tooth, but also the interior of the tooth for an extraordinarily white smile! This procedure removes a variety of stains resulting from:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking tea, coffee, dark sodas, juices and red wine
  • Fluoride buildup – overexposure to fluoride in drinking water and fluoride rinses – can cause fluorosis and eventually darken teeth
  • Tetracycline (an antibiotic that can cause staining of permanent teeth)
  • Dark colored foods such as berries, beets, soy sauce and tomato sauce

What Is The Bleaching Process?

Whitening your teeth with our in-office system is a painless process!

  • First, our dentist will perform a quick oral examination to determine that this is the best option for you.
  • After the oral examination, a gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied directly to the teeth you wish to whiten.
  • A special light is used to activate the gel and accelerate results.

The treatment is split up into 15-minute segments. After each 15-minute segment, you will rinse your mouth and fresh gel will be applied. After the three 15-minute segments, you will whiten at home for 14 nights in a row, and then see us for one more hour-long session in the office!

Caring for your teeth after the whitening procedure:

Our deep bleaching system removes stains on the exterior and also deep within the tooth itself. The pores in your teeth open up for the whitening process and can remain open up to 48 hours later, making your teeth susceptible to staining during this time. It is important to continue to care for your teeth after this whitening process for a whiter smile that lasts!

Dr. Brent Moore and Dr. Josh Berry recommend that you wait up to 48 hours before consuming any dark colored foods that may stain your teeth. Drinking dark liquids through a straw can help to protect your teeth from staining. Additionally, do not smoke, use mouthwash, or brush with dark colored toothpaste for the first 48 hours following the procedure.

Call us at (317) 348-1354 today to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening. Fishers, IN residents can also visit our office at Moore-Berry Dentistry, Inc. for more information. Let us help you smile brighter!