Dental Implants Fishers INIf your smile is not complete, literally, then you will need to select between dentures or dental bridges in order to bring back your smile, minus the gaps. However, the problem with dentures or dental bridges is that they can easily be removed, even without you deliberately taking them off, because of the manner in which they are attached. So while your dentures or dental bridges may help to complete your smile, your smile may not be such a secure smile. Dr. Brent Moore and Dr. Josh Berry have the best solution for your gapped smile — dental implants. Their Fishers, IN dental practice specialize in dental implants which can replace missing teeth in a more permanent manner.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants actually refer to the titanium rods which are then buried deep within your gums and jawbones in order to replace lost dental roots. Once these dental implants are already attached deep within the empty dental socket, an abutment may then be attached to the titanium rod. Next, a crown can be placed over it in order for to provide the impression and function of having all of your teeth.

Why is titanium used in making dental implants?

Dental implants make use of titanium because of the fact that it is a biocompatible material. What biocompatible means is that the material can fuse with the adjacent bone tissues in order to become one with your jawbone. This is the principle behind the durability and permanence that comes with having dental implants. Before you lost your tooth, the crown was attached to your jawbone with the help of the dental root. However, the extraction process does not only detach the crown but also the underlying dental root. By replacing the dental root with a material that is capable of integrating with the jawbone, you can be rest assured that your dental implant will last for a longer period of time if not your entire lifetime.

How long will it take until you can enjoy your dental implant?

Dental implants are more complex than your dentures or dental bridges, and it will take more than two visits to the dentist before your dental implant can be sufficiently attached to your jaws. Naturally, an incision through your gums would have to be made and then the underlying bone would have to be drilled in so that the dental implant can be accommodated. The gum flap is then stitched back on and the dental implant is allowed to fuse with the bone tissues and heal completely. Of course, the healing phase will depend upon your overall health as well as other biological factors.

Because of how invasive the procedure is, it’s important that you pick out a competent and reputable dentist in order to do the procedure for you. Dr. Moore and Dr. Berry are two of the best dentists in the entire of Fishers, IN and Moore Dentistry can arrange your dental implant procedure to be as comfortable and safe as it can be.
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