Some people have all the luck. It doesn’t matter what clothes they wear or what kind of perfume they put on. They seem to attract, to captivate anyone’s attention the moment they speak, sing, dance, or do whatever they’re good at.

Sure, you can attend the most expensive institution dedicated to honing your social graces to make life a tad more bearable. But even the most polite and most well-dressed individual will most likely be avoided like the plague if he or she has a set of teeth straight out of a horror flick. Any dentist Fishers residents visit will tell you that having a healthy set of teeth is crucial in maintaining your general health.

Apart from having teeth as tough as nails, you should also consider having stark white teeth. Society dictates that having yellow teeth is a sign of poor dental hygiene. This is because plaque, a sticky film produced by the bacteria found in the oral cavity, appears yellowish. While true in most cases, recent studies prove that some people with yellowish teeth actually have healthier dentine. As people age, blood supply to the dentine (the tissue found beneath the enamel or tooth surface) is significantly reduced, causing the teeth to appear yellowish.

In your quest for whiter teeth, avoid mall kiosks that offer whitening treatments at rock-bottom prices. While they offer a convenient way of making your pearly whites even whiter, the products they use, not to mention the way they administer these products, may not be totally safe. A licensed dentist Fishers IN has to offer typically charges $400 to $900 for teeth whitening. Whitening kiosks at malls purportedly offer the same kind of services for considerably less-about $50 to $100 per session.

Mall whitening kiosks also claim that they use hydrogen peroxide gel with 35 percent concentration for their treatments. The American Dental Association refutes this claim; experts from the ADA say that at 35 percent concentration, hydrogen peroxide can cause excruciating pain in the oral cavity. What whitening kiosks actually use is carbamide peroxide, with a whitening power only equivalent to that of an 11.67 percent hydrogen peroxide gel. In short, you really do get what you pay for.

For teeth whitening, the ADA recommends visiting a duly licensed dentist Fishers Indiana dental offices such as Moore Dentistry employ. These highly trained and experienced dental professionals can safely remove tough stains on your enamel. Who knows, maybe getting whiter teeth is what’s blocking you from getting the things that you deserve. Don’t mind people who don’t seem to run out of luck. Be pro-active and get a new lease on life with whiter teeth.

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