If you think severe gum disease happens only to elderly adults, think again. Anyone can get gum disease, and chances are you’re suffering from some sort of gum problem right now. Issues like this can result in something slightly embarrassing, like chronic bad breath and premature tooth loss. This is why every dentist Fishers residents trust will tell you the same thing: take care of your gums.

Your gums, along with the bones in your jaw, support your teeth and can be compromised by the presence of plaque. Improper oral hygiene causes the buildup of plaque, a sticky film of bacteria and germs that can infect the tissue surrounding your teeth. Plaque contains toxins that damage the gums and turn them from healthy pink to scary black if left untreated. Your mouth is home to tons of bacteria and your body wages war against them every single day, which is why it is important to help your body out by regularly cleaning your teeth.

Almost anyone can get gum disease, but certain habits can turn you into a more likely candidate for this problem. People who don’t brush or floss their teeth as often as necessary, as well as those with a lousy diet or irregular sleeping patterns, run the risk of getting gum disease. But the people who are most at risk, according to dentists, are those who smoke or chew tobacco.

If you ask any Fishers Indiana dentist like Dr. Brent Moore, for instance, about gum disease, they will tell you that it progresses in stages. If your gums bleed when you’re flossing or brushing, this could mean that you have the mildest form: gingivitis. Yet if the plaque on your teeth isn’t removed, it could harden, causing the gums to bleed and pull away—a condition known as periodontitis.

Scared yet? Well, if you are, then you should start doing something about it right now. Regularly brush and floss, gargle, eat a healthy diet, and don’t smoke.

If you do get gum disease, a dentist would have to scrape off the plaque from underneath the gums or cut out the diseased tissue altogether. These are really rather scary – and painful –procedures. If you think about it, prevention definitely is better than cure.

While we can rely on dentists to carry out various dental procedures, we are nevertheless responsible for maintaining our own oral health. Never miss out on a single visit to a dentist Fishers IN patients recommend for regular care at least two to three times a year. Start taking better care of your gums today and reap the long-term rewards.

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