Sedation Dentist in Fishers INSedation dentistry is the dental world’s attempt to reach out to the disenfranchised patients out there who are too scared to go to the dentist but at the same time realize that shying away from the dental chair could spell more problems for them in the long run. When you do your best to avoid dental check-ups, you are allowing cavities to not just develop but also fester until the tooth becomes too damaged to be repaired using less conservative techniques. But then again, the constant fidgeting of the patient while in the dentist’s chair is also a cause of concern.

So what is sedation dentistry?

This is a branch of dentistry which involves the use of various sedatives in order to put the patient in a calm and relaxed position throughout the entire treatment duration. Sedatives can range from inhaled sedatives, such as nitrous oxide or the better known laughing gas; oral sedatives, such as Valium; and IV sedatives which serve the purpose of rendering the person unconscious.

How can you choose the best sedation dentist for you?

Sedation dentists have emerge in droves because of the popularity of this form of dentistry. However, just like everything else, rotten apples could be part of the entire barrel. If you want to have the best sedation dentist that your money can buy, then here are some useful guidelines to follow:

Education. Dentists will need to specialize first before they can become certified as sedation dentists and are qualified to practice this subspecialty of dentistry. While dental schools do tackle the subject of sedation dentistry in their curriculum, the topic isn’t discussed in enough breadth and depth for these fresh grads to right away be certified as sedation dentists. At the same time, the use of anesthesia is also something which requires post-graduate training.

Continuing Education. And just because a dentist was able to enroll in a post-graduate course that involves the use of sedatives does not mean that he or she can confidently rest the proverbial laurels. The field of sedation dentistry is constantly evolving and it requires continuous training for the dentist to be up-to-date with the latest lessons and topics.

In-Office Monitoring. Part of practicing sedation dentistry in the safest manner possible is to have the right tools in order to monitor the patient while he or she is sedated, and even possibly unconscious. Some of the tools needed is a pulse oximeter and an oxygen equipment.

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