Gingivitis leads to unhealthy gums, and if untreated, may cause serious problems. Preventing this disease is important to save your teeth and gums. You cannot treat gingivitis by simply brushing or flossing your teeth. As one of the trusted dentists in Fishers, I understand the concerns of my clients. If you’re facing a similar situation, here’s what you need to know about gum disease.

Causes of Gum Disease

Bad oral hygiene is the main cause of gum disease. Plaque between your teeth leads to the development and thriving of bacteria. These bacteria may harden and produce tartar. It starts attacking your gum tissues, causing bleeding and swelling. Regular brushing and flossing cannot remove the tartar.

Smoking and drinking alcohol also trigger gum disease. Nicotine weakens your tooth enamel and creates tooth holes, contributing to plaque build-up. This attacks your teeth and makes it prone to other health issues.

Effects of Gum Disease

Gum disease often starts with mild symptoms, such as swollen and reddish gums. Gingivitis causes your gums to bleed easily whenever you brush your teeth. This may cause bad breath as plaque collects in your mouth.

Prevention for Gum Disease

Proper oral hygiene is the best way to avoid gum disease. Schedule an appointment with us and ask our resident hygienist to show you how to brush and floss your teeth properly.

Preventing gingivitis may require special devices to remove plaque deposits. Have regular dental check-ups to avoid the disease from aggravating. Seek dental care immediately to save your gums and maintain a winning smile.

Treatment for Gum Disease

We offer comprehensive oral examinations to ensure that each aspect your oral health is given attention. You may undergo a periodontal treatment to remove tartar deposits in between your teeth. Treatment includes control of plaque, keeping your teeth and gums strong and healthy. Contact us at 317-348-1354 to schedule your appointment today.

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