Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis are caused by bacterial buildup in the gum area. The bacteria accumulated in the gum tissues eventually cause inflammation-the gums swell, produce colorless substances, and in some cases, if the infection is severe, they bleed. Usual symptoms also include pain, dental plaque, and tooth sensitivity. Gum diseases can be fatal-if neglected, the bacteria in the gums can travel through the bloodstream and cause heart ailments. As a preventive measure, Fishers dentists and other dental practitioners require patients to do the necessary dental care as instructed.

Daily oral care is essential in keeping the mouth clean. By brushing and flossing the teeth regularly, different kinds of bacteria found in the mouth will never accumulate to the point of causing severe damage. To effectively clean hard to reach areas in the mouth, regular oral prophylaxis is recommended.

Added protection can be provided by fluoride treatments offered by dental practitioners like Fishers dentists. Fluoride consists of substances that effectively protect the teeth and gums from tooth decay and acid attacks that cause various dental problems. Fluoride treatment may include daily application of dental varnish or regular intake of fluoride supplements. Patients must make sure that the prescribed dosage is taken to prevent over fluoridation.

Regular checkups are also part of gum disease prevention. That is why a Fishers dentist and other practitioners in the field encourage all patients to visit their dentists regularly. Early detection of gum disease symptoms can only be done if the patient is monitored by the doctor. In addition, regular dental consultation is another way for patients to keep abreast with proper oral care procedures.

Although modern dentistry provides numerous effective gum care methods, it is still essential to follow some basic practices. Patients must observe a proper diet and live a healthy lifestyle to prevent the development of gum diseases. Eating low-nutrient foods does not help in boosting the body’s immunity against bacteria, that’s why eating fruits and vegetables is encouraged. Smoking and excessive alcohol intake should also be reduced to keep the teeth and gums unharmed.

Gum diseases can be treated using various techniques, but which treatment will be provided depends on the severity of the case. A Fishers IN dentist from Moore Dentistry and other reliable dental practices will only recommend dental cleaning or scaling for mild cases. If the infection is severe, surgical treatment might be the only option.

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