Good oral health at any age is important, but it is doubly crucial for kids. The smallest mistakes during a person’s childhood can be costly and traumatize him for good. This is why it’s important to make sure your kid’s first visit to a dentist Fishers residents trust isn’t traumatic and is likely to instill in him the importance of good oral care.

Children typically have all of their primary teeth in by the time they’re two years old, the perfect time to start regular visits to the dentist. By starting dental care at an appropriately early age, parents can ensure their children are able to maintain good oral health well into adulthood. That being said, the dentist’s office can often be a scary place for kids who have no idea what’s happening.

To prevent this, make sure kids feel as secure and comfortable as possible because this first appointment could set the tone for all dental visits they’re going to have in life. One way to ease your child into his dental visit is to let him bring something that makes him feel safe. A favorite blanket or a teddy bear can help him relax and sit still so the dentist can do his job.

Whatever happens, maintain a reassuring presence and encourage your child to cooperate with the dentist without sounding the least bit threatening. The experience is scary enough as it is; you certainly wouldn’t want to make it any worse. It is also helpful to work with a dentist Fishers IN parents recommend, someone who lets kids watch basic dental procedures. That way, your child will have an idea of what’s to come and won’t be so nervous.

When it comes to kids, knowing their mom or dad is right beside them can do wonders to soothe their fears. If the dentist is okay with it and you won’t get in the way, hold your child’s hand – it can help them relax and stay still. Avoid overreacting at the slightest sign of child’s anxiety or pain, but do keep an eye on the procedure to ensure your child’s safety.

Before heading to the dental office, you can also engage your child in small talk or casual conversation to take their mind off his fears. Talk about school, the family pet, cartoon characters, or what he wants to do after the dental visit. Whatever your child’s dental needs, get the best out of every dental visit by working with a dentist Fishers Indiana residents can depend on like Dr. Brent Moore, for example. In any case, give your child a good head start in life by helping him take good care of his teeth as early as possible.

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