Fishers IN dentistBrushing your teeth is something which you learned to do as soon as you started growing teeth. And it might be because most of us have been brushing since before we can remember that we have stopped asking if we are brushing the right way or not. Effective brushing is important since it is only through this dental hygiene practice that plaque can be removed. Plaque is the substance which contains bacteria as well as acid metabolites which can eat away at the enamel layer and cause cavities to form.

Choosing the right tool.

Before you can start brushing properly, you need to pick out the ideal toothbrush. The characteristics of a good toothbrush is that it should have soft bristles. Brushing with medium to hard bristles can lead to the injury of the gingival tissues and cause an induced gingivitis. You should also pick out a brush that has rounded tips to prevent further injury of the gums. Plastic bristles are the way to go. Natural bristles can actually induce the growth of more microorganisms which can increase your risk for dental infections.

You should switch your toothbrush every time the bristles begin to show signs of fraying. Dr. Moore suggests that patients change their toothbrushes every two to three months. Frayed bristles increase the risk of you damaging your gums because the bristles stick out from the sides instead of standing upright. Instead of brushing the surfaces of your teeth, the bristles will start to graze over your gums.

Choosing the right toothpaste.

There is only one thing which you need to take note of when choosing toothpastes — the fluoride content. The toothpaste you buy should explicitly say that it contains fluoride especially since there are a number of cosmetic toothpaste products in market shelves which do not contain any actual fluoride content.

Brushing the right way.

When brushing, force does not often lead to increased effectiveness. In fact, brushing in circular motions, even without exerting that much force, is more effective in removing plaque. For this reason, if you do have a battery-operated toothbrush, you can switch out your regular toothbrush for something which has an oscillating head. And when it comes to the duration, dentists say that it does not count as proper tooth brushing unless you do it for at least two minutes. You can even divide your mouth into four quadrants and spend around 30 seconds for each quadrant.

Regular Check-ups

Along with brushing and flossing one of the best ways to insure life long oral health in Fishers IN is to visit your dentist Dr. Moore on a regular basis. Every 6 months is best. You will catch problems while they are still small and can be easily fixed. This will also save you a lot of money over your lifetime by avoiding complex restorative dental procedures.

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