Sedation Dentistry in Fishers, IN

Sedation Dentistry in Fishers, INIt comes as no surprise to us when we get a patient that is hesitant about dental work. With a large number of Americans scared of the dentist, we aren’t just understanding, we are prepared. At Moore Dentistry, we offer light IV sedation dentistry in Fishers, IN. This sedation option allows nervous patients to receive our quality dental care in a state of complete relaxation. However, most patients who are afraid of the dentist may also be wary of IV sedation. That’s why we’ve taken the time to explain the procedure, as well as the risks and benefits of our sedation procedure.

What is Light IV Sedation?

Light IV sedation is a sedation procedure that is commonly referred to as “twilight anesthesia”. This nickname was given due to its ability to put people “in between” consciousness and sleep.

This procedure works by slowly and steadily injecting anesthetic drugs into the body through an IV. Within seconds of the IV being administered the patient is put into a complete state of relaxation and pain is not felt.

What are the Risks of Light IV Sedation Dentistry?

There are very few risks associated with light IV sedation. It is much safer than being put under with general anesthesia. However, as with all forms of sedation, the procedure must be carefully monitored. The levels of anesthesia should be given only by a licensed professional. If given too much anesthesia, problems with your breathing can occur.

One inconvenience with this procedure is that the patient will be asked not to eat anything 8 hours before the IV is administered. A small amount of patients will also experience some nausea after the procedure. Driving or operating machinery should be avoided for the next 24 hours.

What are the Benefits of Light IV Sedation Dentistry?

Light IV Sedation is usually the favorite type of sedation for dentists and patients alike. This is because it allows the patient to react and cooperate with the dentist and it completely blocks pain. Some patients remember very little about the visit. The effects wear off quickly and patients are able to go home after 1 or 2 hours. Patients will be able to resume all normal activities the following day.

Light IV Sedation Dentistry at Moore Dentistry

At Moore Dentistry, we offer safe and quality light IV sedation in Fishers, IN. Dr. Moore is experienced at relaxing patients with this procedure and has been trained extensively to administer IV sedation. In fact, Dr. Moore is one of the few dentists trained in sedation dentistry in Fishers, IN. For more information on how you can benefit from light sedation dentistry, visit our office or call us today at (317) 348-1354(317) 348-1354.
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