Fishers dentists can help their patients achieve a great smile by helping them maintain the condition of their teeth and gums. Whether it is countering the effects of periodontal disease or correcting the appearance of crooked or stained teeth, these trained professionals can address all their patients’ needs. These dentists can also administer preventive and cosmetic dental procedures that are necessary to maintain the viability of the teeth and gums.

Recent medical findings have shown that it is important to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Medical research has discovered that there is a possible correlation between heart disease and the condition of the gums. Furthermore, it has been proven that people with gum disease are several times more likely to suffer from coronary artery disease—the latter being a potentially life threatening disease.

One theory states that coronary artery disease is caused by oral bacteria that enters the blood stream through the gums. This bacteria poisons the blood vessels of the heart, which contributes to clot formation. Blood clots can severely restrict the heart’s ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients, which consequentially leads to heart attacks.

Gingivitis is a form of periodontal disease in which the gums are likely to become swollen and tender because of infection. This usually leads to bleeding during regular brushing and flossing. Minor complications like this can be remedied by regular dental treatments. However, if left untreated, it can progress to become an advance and painful form of periodontitis. Severe periodontitis can lead to the significant loss of the bone and tissues that surround the teeth. To prevent this from happening, patients should go for regular checkups with their Fishers IN dentist. Dentists such as Dr. Brent A. Moore DDS can monitor their patient’s oral health and prevent them from developing severe periodontitis.

On the other hand, despite the importance of regular checkups at the dentist, some patients still avoid the treatment they need because of their fear of dentists. Thankfully, many dentists now offer IV sedation and other sedation procedures. These treatments can help patients relax and feel more comfortable while undergoing dental treatments.

Aside from the abovementioned procedures, dentists also provide services like fluoride treatment to remineralize decayed teeth that have been ravaged by plaque and bacteria. The Fishers Indiana dentist patients recommend can also lighten discolored teeth with laser teeth whitening procedures. Other cosmetic procedures include the installation of veneers, porcelain crowns, and dental bridges. These restorative treatments can boost a patient’s self-esteem and help them face the world with a more dazzling smile.

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