The appeal of straight teeth—many people dream of having perfect molars, while others are fortunate enough to be blessed with such a wonderful trait. Unfortunately, there are a number of people who suffer from misaligned or crooked teeth. These dental problems occur due to poor tooth development, genetic conditions, and bad childhood habits like thumb sucking. If your teeth have become so crooked that you can almost use them to cut chains at a hardware store, then you may want to consider visiting a Fishers dentist such as Dr. Brent A. Moore DDS.

Dentists perform a host of procedures to improve a person’s smile. It can be as simple as improving the teeth’s color, or as complex as reclaiming the gum line. One treatment that is fast gaining recognition in cosmetic dentistry is the use of Invisaligns. Invisalign is a custom-made orthopedic appliance that consists of nearly-invisible plastic aligners. It is used as an alternative to ceramic or metal braces which most teens and adults find unappealing. Invisalign aligners should be worn at all times, but can be taken off during meals and while brushing the teeth.

Invisalign is often used to correct irregular teeth and overbites. Wearing them will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place until it gives you a beautiful smile. Fishers dentists advise patients to change their aligner trays every two weeks because the teeth will have moved by that time. However, changing the aligners too quickly can permanently damage the tooth roots, while changing them a little too slowly can be quite painful.

Compared to traditional braces, patients won’t feel irritation in the teeth and gums because the treatment does not involve metals. You can also brush and floss normally while they’re on because there is no metal to hinder the toothbrush or floss from reaching the entire tooth or gum area. Most importantly, Invisalign is clear, meaning people will not even notice that you are wearing them.

Before deciding to have Invisalign, consult your dentist first to determine whether you are qualified for the treatment. The ideal patients for Invisalign are people with mild to moderate malocclusions. For more complex cases of misaligned teeth, consider traditional braces to get the best results.

Having straight teeth will bring you a step closer to a truly beautiful smile. Smiling is an important gesture as it breaks down communication barriers and helps people make new friends. Don’t let crooked or misaligned teeth get in the way of smiling. With the help of a Fishers IN dentist and Invisalign, you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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