white teethIn the rapidly expanding field of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening treatments happen to be the best sellers among those who want to give their smiles a makeover. Teeth that are luminously white can increase the confidence of a person especially when dealing with other people.  A bright set of teeth is a sign of a healthy self-esteem and good dental hygiene. It is a sign that you are very concerned with your oral hygiene. Several kinds of cosmetic tooth bleaching or whitening solutions are available, which suit any patient’s budget, schedule and preferences.

Cosmetic teeth whitening procedures are all sought after by people from different age brackets and other demographics. There are several people who have opted to get their teeth whitened and have witnessed moderate to drastic enhancements in the whiteness and brightness of their teeth. However, we must know that the results of teeth whitening do not last forever, and teeth should be regularly touched-up for something more lasting. This means that if you’re very particular about the whiteness of your smile, you’ll need to splurge a considerable amount of money in order to maintain the brightness of your smile. These are some of the commonly available teeth whitening alternatives for you:

In-Office Whitening

In-office cosmetic whitening can bring about significant changes within a very short span of time. This is the most effective mode of teeth whinteing and can bring about drastic changes to your teeth. This procedure uses high concentrations of peroxide, the active ingredient of teeth whitening formulations. Peroxide gel has a bleaching effect and stains are removed faster because of the increased concentrations of the active ingredient. Before dentists or dental technicians apply this gel to your teeth, your gums are kept from being exposed to the abrasive chemicals with the help of a rubber dam. This rubber dental dam is generally of the paint-on kind. Applying a rubber dam is necessary because the peroxide chemical can irritate gum tissues.

In general, this treatment may require several minutes. Only minutes will be taken from your work time because it is so fast. The peroxide gel is left on your teeth for intervals ranging from 15 to 20 minutes, which can last up to an hour at most. If your teeth have harbored very resistant stains from years of dark beverages and foods, you will need to attend multiple sessions so that your teeth can achieve the certain whiteness you fancy. Alternatively, you may also be given home-use teeth whitening kits.

Take-home cosmetic whitening sets produce excellent effects but only over an extended amount of time. Take-home whitening sets include lower concentrations of peroxide gel which must be left on your teeth for an hour up to an entire night.

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