It is common to experience anxiety when visiting the dental clinic. We have seen many patients experience it over the years. Our main priority has always been to offer patients alternative methods for overcoming their fear, and to provide safe, relaxed dental therapy.

Dr. Moore, our Fishers dentist, knows that patient anxiety, when ignored, only worsens problems, and ruins the rapport developed with clients. The practice of dental sedation is one we firmly believe in and advocate for the right reasons, at the proper time. As such we possess the appropriate license to provide this particular service for our patients.

Our patients can get sedation under strict recommendations. The procedure is very safe and closely monitored by Dr. Moore. You can read more about the process here. Our clinic makes use of both IV and oral sedation according to specific situations. There are several benefits to going under for a procedure:

Faster Treatment

Since patients are less anxious and prone to fidgeting, procedures go more smoothly and finish in a shorter amount of time. Patients undergoing prolonged procedures, spanning a couple of months or years finish faster than the projected period.

Diminished Gag Reflex

Most of the time, there are patients who are sensitive to probing instruments and various procedures. Sedation helps eliminate the gag reflex in these clients, providing ease of operation. Our dentist can easily manipulate dental structures without the patient feeling any discomfort or pain while in the chair.

Maintained Consciousness

Patients who have minor or major medical conditions that need close monitoring can choose to undergo conscious sedation. This means that they remain aware of their surroundings and the ongoing procedure without feeling the pain. A method like this allows our dentists to watch over patients and note any adverse reactions to therapy that might negatively affect their existing ailments.

Relaxed State

Sedation dentistry places patients in a state of deep relaxation during treatment that takes away all their fears and anxieties. Many of our clients claim that they were once deathly afraid of visiting dental clinics; if safe, painless dentistry were an option, they would have definitely gone for it. The advent of our anesthetic procedures changed the way they approach dental visits, and they are very grateful for it.

Investing in sedation dentistry will help you achieve the look you have always wanted at no expense to your peace of mind.

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