Dental Whitening Fishers INWhat makes a perfect smile? There are so many elements to a having a great smile from having perfectly aligned teeth to treating any crooked teeth. On top of that, another the whiteness of your smile is also a huge part of ensuring that your smile can turn heads and capture attention. While treating the arrangement of your teeth as well as correcting worn out teeth is still rather difficult to address, whitening your teeth is done almost instantly. However, before you proceed with any kind of dental whitening procedure, here are just some of the few things that you need to know:

Whitening your teeth can destroy your teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide is a whitening reagent which works by dissolving stains that are attached to the external layer of your teeth. However, in order for the hydrogen peroxide to do just that, it has to dissolve parts of the enamel layer of your teeth. The dissolution can expose the inner layers of your teeth, specifically the dentin layer. Over time, the dental enamel can become consumed as you continue to have your teeth whitened. For this reason, dentists often advise their patients to be wary against being a dental whitening addict.

Whitening your teeth can lead to dentin hypersensitivity.

Also known as teeth sensitivity, dentin hypersensitivity develops when there are breaks on the surfaces of your teeth, exposing the dentin layer. The dentin layer has pores which lead all the way to the pulp or the heart of the tooth. The pulp houses all of the nerves that, if irritated, can cause the signs and symptoms of teeth sensitivity such as immense pain that immediately resolves when you eat or drink anything cold or hot. If you do not yet have this condition, then one whitening procedure should not lead you to develop teeth sensitivity. However, for those who already have the condition, the procedure might prove to be an extremely uncomfortable one.

The effects of whitening is not permanent.

Of course, immediately after the dental whitening procedure, you would notice that your teeth are luminously white. However, these effects won’t last forever especially if you aren’t careful with the things that you eat and drink. This is because highly pigmented food and beverages would then cause the enamel of your teeth to become stained over time. While being extremely selective with your diet can help to keep your teeth whiter for longer, touch-ups are still necessary.

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