Teeth Whitening in Fishers IN2014 is finally here and if you are looking to improve your appearance and start the New Year off right, you aren’t the only one. It seems the most popular New Years Resolutions often revolve around improving the way that others see us.

Americans place a high level of importance on the appearance of our smiles. We understand the power that an attractive smile holds in society. However, it seems many Americans are currently unsatisfied with their smiles.

According to a recent survey, over one-third of Americans are unhappy with their smiles and of those Americans, 36 percent believed that their social life would immediately improve if they had a more attractive smile. Additionally, 77 percent of American women stated that unattractive teeth on a potential partner is worse than a receding hairline.

With attractive smiles in such a high demand, we think it is the perfect time to improve your smile with a simple, pain free procedure- teeth whitening!

Why Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is the easiest, simplest way to naturally enhance your smile. Whitening your teeth has immediate effects such as:

  • a younger looking smile
  • increased self confidence
  • better first impressions
  • increased chances of landing a job
  • giving a warmer smile
  • boosting your mood

Laser Teeth Whitening at Moore Dentistry

At Moore Dentistry we offer laser teeth whitening for dramatically whiter teeth in less than an hour!

Our in-office laser whitening procedure is completed in just three 15-minute segments. Our dentist will apply a professional strength whitening gel over your teeth and a special LED light activates the gel and accelerates the results of the teeth whitening. After each 15-minute segment, our dentist will monitor the results and reapply a fresh coat of whitening gel

Our laser teeth whitening procedure has provided many of our patients with an instantly enhanced smile. Patients receive whitening up to 12 shades lighter in just 45 minutes.

For the first 48 hours immediately following your laser teeth whitening, our dentists recommend avoiding dark foods or drinks that may stain your teeth for a whiter smile that lasts longer!

For more information on how you can start the New Year off with a brighter smile, visit Moore Dentistry or call us at (317) 348-1354 for laser teeth whitening in Fishers, Indiana!

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