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Our Mission

Moore-Berry Dentistry is here to serve the community with great care and kindness. Our dentists strive for perfection in all aspects of dentistry and are committed to the happiness and well-being of every patient. At Moore-Berry Dentistry, we also aspire to provide an environment that is relaxing and calming, and to treat each patient as we would like to be treated ourselves. If you’re looking for a caring dentist in Fishers, IN, you’ve come to the right place. Our dentists provide a wide variety of services for adults and children. We offer comprehensive dental care for your entire family to maintain excellent oral health and prevent disease and bacteria. We also offer a number of cosmetic dental services such as laser teeth whitening, veneers and implants. Our friendly and experienced staff is committed to personalized care for each  patient that enters our doors. We understand that some patients undergo anxiety when visiting the dentist and in order to provide a stress-free experience, we offer sedation dentistry. Dr. Brent Moore has been trained to perform sedation dentistry and is licensed by the State of Indiana for light IV Sedation. In addition to providing you with top quality dental care, our practice also has the perfect ambiance for comfort and relaxation. You can lounge comfortably in our waiting area and relax while sitting on our plush dental chairs. Our practice has a warm, cozy atmosphere that echoes the loving, safe environment of Fishers, IN. Our staff will welcome you with a warm smile and are dedicated to making you feel at home and truly cared for. At Moore-Berry Dentistry we are truly committed to giving you and your family the best services. Be treated to the best dentistry in Fishers, IN today. Dr. Moore and Dr. Berry have helped many people with their outstanding and excellent dental practice. Call us at 317-348-1354 and let us help you with your dental concerns. Together, let’s practice good oral healthcare. At the end of the day, your satisfaction fuels our drive for hard work and excellence.